Secondary Lighting Central Batteries for Nimax Theatres

Nimax Theatres own and operate six historic venues throughout London's West End. HPES and Nimax have enjoyed a productive relationship for a number of years, thanks in no small part to our ability to plan and execute complex projects around busy rehearsal and performance schedules.


One project has been the progressive modernisation of centralised emergency lighting equipment across Nimax's property portfolio. HPES have replaced bulky lead-acid battery systems and inverters with zero maintenance sealed equivalents in compact rackmount packages. We have also swapped legacy distribution boards and switchgear for modern equivalents to comply with current regulations. All of this without interrupting Nimax's business operations or compromising the safety of theatre-going audiences.


HPES arranged for the responsible transport and recycling of all legacy equipment using specialist contractors.


Our work: emergency lighting central battery upgrade, responsible disposal and recycling.