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Outlook Festival 2012

Due to our wide ranging activities in 2011, HPES Technical Solutions Ltd worked alongside several companies that provide events services.  During this period we were identified as having the expertise to provide staff for assistance in the delivery of Europe’s premier festival of bass and dance music.  Outlook Festival is layered over two sites in a unique location near Pula, Croatia.

Based upon the success of the 2011’s event, HPES Technical Solutions Ltd were delighted to be invited by the 2012’s production team to provide our services once again to the festival.  Excitingly, an additional three day event based on a similar musical theme had been added on to the success of Outlook 2011 – Dimensions was to follow three days later.

HPES Technical Solutions Ltd provided a flexible and comprehensive design solution for the entire power overlay, which needed to include NINE principal stages, several other technical supplies and other amenities across the large green-field site.  Our design team, with their knowledge and experience from Outlook 2011 and other events, were quickly able to draw up technical details, specifications and then collaborate continually with the crew in Croatia and the UK to keep equipment and system specification as up-to-date as possible.

For Outlook & Dimensions 2012 we were pleased to send our staff for the build, supervision and dismantling of the electrical system for the event.  We provided technical support, including 24 hour onsite technician availability, electrical testing and regular surveying to ensure continued reliability and safety in this sometimes harsh environment. Thanks to our latest on-site technology, our crew were able to remain up to date with all technical specifications and keep abreast of the inevitable last minute changes.

Whilst maintaining our high standards of health and safety, our staff drew on years of experience with temporary power, diesel generators, electrical distribution, stage power & lighting, testing and electrical safety.  HPES staff are also trained to operate heavy machinery such as telehandlers.

We enjoy a fantastic relationship with our local Croatian, Slovenian and Italian colleagues, as well as tourists from all over Europe that make this festival the highlight of their summer.  Once again, Outlook’s tickets were sold out very quickly for this year’s festival and HPES Technical Solutions Ltd have been proud to be part of the production.