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Summer 2012

Work in 2012 included a very busy spring, summer and autumn, providing electrical installation, inspection, test and certification services on a huge number of temporary and fixed electrical systems. 

Not just restricted to testing services, our team have also been responsible for ensuring that safety devices and systems operate correctly and do not adversely affect other parts of electrical systems.

The types of venue have included music events, air shows, sporting arenas, theatres and race tracks.  At the peak, nearly 40 staff, (comprising of freelancers, sub-contractors and PAYE employees) were working to ensure that events were safe and that customers could rely on HPES Technical Solutions Ltd to carry out our responsibilities correctly.

In order to run an operation of that size, organisation was a key requirement.  Management, communication and testing systems performed exactly as they were supposed to.  This ensured that the focus of the business was on providing a first class service.

In early 2011, the anticipated and pre-booked workload for 2012 required us to consider our systems and how HPES Technical Solutions Ltd could run more efficiently as a business and best serve our clients.  A healthy investment was made into our IT infrastructure using an independent consultant, Neil Betton of Torrit Ltd, who demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs.  Our business model of operating across multiple offices and “in the field” locations using an ever-changing workforce was a key part of the system selection.  The result ensured that on and off line working was seamless and that information was as secure as possible.

As well as the IT solution, much investment was made in equipment appropriate to electrical testing in outdoor environments.  A large number of bespoke kits of testing and reporting equipment were purchased to ensure that our staff could work comfortably, efficiently and safely.  As more and more event sites require the use of full PPE, including wearing gloves at all times, it was vital that our staff should be able to comply with this and not be restricted.  Appropriately IP rated electrical connections are standard in our kits.  Equipment was housed in Peli Cases which were lightweight, sturdy and had wheels to ensure that staff were comfortable and presented a professional image.

The investment in systems, equipment and bespoke software ensures that HPES Technical Solutions Ltd are well positioned to provide accurate and reliable electrical certification of any event or show.  The event diary of 2012 had some very notable attractions.  We were proud to have played a key safety element in many of them.